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Buck’A Buzz!

The Best Way To Spend $5!

5 Bucks
5 Gummies
10mg Each

It’s a Buck’A Buzz!

50mg Per Pack

You can’t find a more affordable buzz

It’s no mistake that Buck’A Buzz gummies are just a buck ($1!!!) per 10mg gummy.
That’s a buzz. For a buck.

Everyone deserves access to lip-smackin’ THC gummies. Now, that’s possible with Buck’A Buzz! Snag a 50mg pack of delicious Blue Buzzberry Delta-9 THC gummies for just $5. That’s five 10mg gummies to enjoy after a long workday, as a special treat, or to share with 4 friends!

Need a month’s supply? Buy the 6-pack bundle. 30 gummies for $30! It doesn’t get better than that!

A Quality Buzz!

Buck’A Buzz 10mg Delta 9 THC gummies are a legal*, safe and tasty buzz made with quality ingredients in an FDA approved CGMP facility in the USA. The pectin based, vegan, gluten free gummies are available in a proprietary Blue Buzzberry flavor that appeals to anybody looking for a quality buzz. Buck’A Buzz owns the low-cost, high-quality space in the crowded THC gummy market.

*Buck’A Buzz gummies are fully legal and loaded with the good stuff. Our gummies comply with federal laws for products that contain 0.3% THC or less. That means that they are legal wherever CBD can be sold.

Blue Buzzberry Flavor

Buzz Me’Up Single 12oz


Buzz Me’Up Single 12oz
6 Pack


Buzz Me’Up Single 12oz
24ct Case

Buck'A Buzz marijuana edibles

Buck’A Buzz
5-Count Pouch

Buck'A Buzz COA Delta 9 THC gummies

Buck’A Buzz
6-Pack Bundle

Buck'A Buzz locations Texas, California, Florida THC gummies

Buck’A Buzz
20-Pack Bundle


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