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Sourcing profitable edibles is a balance of great flavor, value, and margins.

As the most affordable edible option on the market, Buck’A Buzz gummies are extremely valuable for folks on a budget. Customers need access to high-quality, low-cost products more than ever. That’s why Buck’A Buzz is a no-brainer for your retail store.

Benefits of Becoming a Wholesale Partner

  • Low minimums
  • Free shipping on every order
  • Pre-packed in counter display boxes
  • Super cool window cling
  • Manage your account and place orders online
  • Order on subscription every 30, 60, or 90 days
Buck'A Buzz wholesaler Delta 9 THC gummies for retailers

Buck’A Buzz Counterbox

20 packs per box

Buck'A Buzz THC gummies 10 pack

Buck’A Buzz Case

10 Counter Boxes/200 packs

Buck'A Buzz THC gummies 100 pack

Buck’A Buzz Pallet

10 Cases/2,000 packs

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